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Our Mission

Based in Nassau County, NY we are optimally located to serve the Tri-State area. For the past 25 years we have been building custom applications, web dashboards, and mobile applications enhancing and minimizing human interaction within our customer's businesses.

We give our customers the tools needed to minimize staffing and push productivity to new levels. Our software solutions leverage mobile, web, cloud, and desktop software solutions to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity within your business.

Make better business decisions! Our executive dashboards present concise business information from disparate systems in a single, intuitive, non-overwhelming interface to help drive business processes and strategies. 
Keen insight and visionary thinking are needed to create applications where interaction with technology replaces interaction with people. 

We employ a rigorous analytical approach to track, measure, and analyze how users interact with our solutions. This analysis is used to continuously optimize our solutions over time to drive further development, ease of use and optimize business value. 

Our Process

Our design process is anchored in user research to uncover actionable insights into user behavior. By marrying this insight with creative inspiration, we are able to design experiences that work the way users expect them to work. 

Our Story

Started in Silicon Valley and polished in NYC, our talents and travels have brought together some of the finest skilled technology professionals and even better people.  Our CEO started as a developer in Silicon Valley in the early 2000's working from startup to bought up!  Our board is comprised of varying skill sets brought together from many of the Fortune 500.  Feel like you are a great person and technology professional?  Drop us a line and join our team. 


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